Sweet Haley~*

on Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh heavenly day,
All the clouds blew away
Got no trouble today, with anyone
~ Patty Griffin

Saturday, oh Saturday WAS a Heavenly Day! Among other things (long car ride with my beau, witnessing a wedding of two very dear loved ones in love, a new skirt) I had the joy of photographing the lovely Miss Haley Shaw! Besides being an ever dear friend and lovely soul, she is an incredible musician!(It was quite the moment when she got in my car to drive to the impromptu shoot and her music was playing on my iPod. I suppose she was flattered. For a second or two I felt like more like a "fan" than "friend.":) Below is her myspace page. Check her out! We ran around the historic/downtown section of High Point, NC and you can see how much of a giggly, shiny, happy time we had. Enjoy!~*



The Scooper said...

Such chic photos. You always seem to have the coolest acquaintances. I hope I'll see you soon. Coffee?