on Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enjoy the rest of Alaska with the Sweet Beau!

Glacier "Calving" ie: breaking and falling and splashing.

Miss Orca showing off her belly.

Beau and his family are always walking around with binoculars just in case something moves. A LOT of things move in Alaska. :)

Precious, hippie Homer Alaska. Home of Jewel, the singa. :)

I suppose I DO make delicious granola....

Salmon fighting to go up river to spawn. Poor guys.

Glacial Ice out of position. It really is that blue!

Flying in a eety beety 2 seater plane over the Kenai penensula over to the Kenai Glacier. Thanks Beau's mama!

My first pie with a homemade crust. Made for Beau's grandparents. Can you see the little moose on top? :)


The Restive One said...

Stumbled upon your site. Looked at the most recent 15 or 20 pictures. Absolutely wonderful. Stopped me in my tracks.

In a hurry and no time to read your bio or explore further, but your pics are gorgeous.

Brenda said...

Amazingly gorgeous....and your eye to catch the moment astounds me!~Love!Mom

The Scooper said...

Your photos make me want to go to Alaska and eat pie.