Kenny & Bethany= Married!

on Monday, November 23, 2009

So weddings are an amazing thing.
As an almost giddy newlywed myself, my sweet beau & I have spent some time looking at the historical, practical and spiritual significance of marriage. It sounds more didactic than it is, really we just are reading everything we can about marriage!! :) The beauty of a wedding ceremony is, in my humble opinion, the story that is being told on multiple levels. There is the story of a family that raised a child to be an adult to love another for a lifetime. There is the story of two lovers that were knit together over the length of a courtship. There is the story of a community coming around new life and blessing it with prayers, love, and joy.
And then there is The Story.
The one that is from the dawn of time, that rustles in the Autumn leaves, that calls to the weary heart through dark nights and stormy days, that is heard in the laugh of small innocent babes. It is the Story of the Great Lover calling to us, His Great One True Love! It is amazing and overwhelming and too much for the small human heart to handle. So, in His Wisdom, He has made the most beautiful of metaphors, marriage, to give us a glimpse into His deep love for us!
I love weddings.
I especially love weddings of people I love! I ESPECIALLY love having been a witness to how God the Father, the Great Lover of the Soul, wrote their personal human love story with such a loving, steady Hand.

So enjoy Kenny and Bethany, my dear dear friends who are now forever family to one another. As I was in the wedding (M.O.H.!!) I couldn't photograph it. However, I snuck in some shots when I had the chance. Enjoy. Their love is precious, strong and inspiring! I love you guys!
Here is my pre-post quote. It is long, like my personal commentary. Long but worth it. :)

Because soon will come the Celebration Wedding
and bundles of restoration will be our bedding.

Soon will come the Celebration Wedding
and bundles of restoration will be our bedding.

The trumpeter is taking a breath
The guests are taking their seats.
The Bride is putting on a veil.
The Father is making last-minute preparations.

There's Thousands Times Ten Thousand
angels waiting in holy expectation.

The readied groom is readied.

Soon will come the Celebration Wedding

If you are hurting, your hurt will cease.
If you are restless, you will find peace.
If you are empty, You will be filled.
All of these doubts, they'll be stilled.

If life for you is just to trying, Your tears will be dissipate.
There won't be anymore crying.
If the only thing you know is shame, you will be cleansed
and never again feel the same.

If you can't see straight.

And wait...

Soon will come the Celebration Wedding
and bundles of restoration will be our bedding.

~Bradley Hathaway

I love these people. Love. Sigh*. :)

"Yay happily married best friend! Oh, what a LOVELY Maid of Honor you had! Wow! Lucky girl!" :)


The Scooper said...

Oh happy for Miss Bethany and her man! Fun, fun pictures.

Susanna Joy said...

So lovely. So joyous. ;)
Happy to have witnessed it.