Sweet Family~*

on Tuesday, December 2, 2008

While at Thanksgiving-a-la-Beach, I had the joy of photographing my cousin Ricky and his family. They may have some of the most sweet spirited children around as well as some of the most adorable. I am not just saying that because we are related, the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!


JenLo said...

LOVE that hand picture!

Susanna Joy said...

They're so sweet. :)

Sami said...

you are SO awesome! I'm so glad I get to be related to you now!!!! (I'd be your friend regardless!)
What awesome pics...I love the one of the four kids "playing" checkers. Thanks so much for doing the pics...can't wait to see the disk when you have time.
Miss you guys already!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you are a gifted photographer. You have a great eye for pictures and life.
-Papa Sundog